Pirate & Treasure Museum

Pat Croce's St. Augustine Pirate & Treasure Museum features the world's largest and most exclusive collection of authentic pirate artifacts dating back to the 16th century, award-winning interactive and educational exhibits; Disney-designed Below Deck sound experience, and rarely-seen shipwreck treasures from the vault of the Florida Division of Historical Resources.


  • See real pirate gold and the only authentic pirate treasure chest in the world
  • Spy one of the world's only original Jolly Roger flags
  • Delve into the award-winning interactive Book of Pirates
  • Hands-on fun with dozens of other interactives
  • Travel Below Deck for the spine-tingling experience of Blackbeard's demise created by Disney Imagineers
  • Dig into evidence of rogues who pillaged the very ground you'll walk upon
  • See the amazing Hollywood Pirates exhibition with movie memorabilia from Captain Hook and Jack Sparrow.
Your immersive journey through the Golden Age of Piracy at the St. Augustine Pirate & Treasure Museum begins on the cobblestoned streets of Port Royal, Jamaica, the 17th century pirate stronghold. 

From there, you'll step in Rogues Tavern where St. Augustine pirates and other famous sea rogues imbibed and fought. Stimulate your senses when you board the Main Deck in the midst of battle before stepping onto the Gun Deck where you can fire a real cannon. 

Become immersed in the Below Deck sound chamber for Blackbeard's final battle and demise. And don't forget the Captain's Cabin where one of only two Jolly Roger flags and the journal of Captain Kidd's final voyage before execution have found final rest. 

Step onto the Execution Dock for macabre displays of pirate punishment and torture before venturing into Shipwreck Island filled with real pirate treasure. End your journey in Hollywood Pirates with pirate movie paraphernalia like Captain Barbossa's silver flintlock pistol and Jack Sparrow's sword.