Ghostly Experience Tour

Saunter with the Spirits from dusk to darkness on A Ghostly Experience-Walking Tour. The professional licensed guides in period dress and lanterns will light your way through the dark alleys and places of known haunts. The ancient, strange and unusual tales of centuries past, folk lore and ghostly experiences come alive as you walk through the haunted history of the oldest city in America.


  • VOTED #1 Guided Walking Tour in the state of Florida!
  • The Original walking ghost tour of St. Augustine
  • Tour is historically based
  • Tour is approx 75 minutes
  • Family friendly tour/suitable for all ages
  • Tour conducted by licensed tour guides
  • Authentic time-appropriate costuming worn by guides
  • Running for 18 years, and counting
  • Photos are highly recommended
  • Featured on Travel Channel and Discovery Channel

Stroll the haunted streets of St. Augustine in search of ghosts with professional licensed guides.
 Learn the haunted history of the nation's oldest city and how to spot one of the many residents who still lurk in the shadows on A Ghostly Experience-Walking Tour. 

This tour features the area north of the plaza, haunted Bed & Breakfasts and other spirited sites. Now you can have your own personal experience with the paranormal - if you dare. 

Since being founded in 1565, St. Augustine's rich history and excellent written documentation by the townspeople has provided endless accounts of strange, ghostly experiences. This unique blend certainly qualifies St. Augustine as one of the most haunted cities in the United States. They'll let you decide! 

St Augustine's legendary hauntings have been documented by thousands. Now you can experience what so many already know...the dead do not rest. All stories are researched through records from historical libraries, church documents, personal diaries and personal interviews. Nothing is made up, and no artificial special effects are used during the tour. If you see something out of the normal while on A Ghostly Experience-Walking Tour, you'll know it's real! Whether you're a believer in the supernatural or just curious. 

SPACE IS LIMITED! To take this tour on your desired date, make your reservations now for A Ghostly Experience-Walking Tour. See why this tour was voted the #1 Guided Walking Tour in Florida.